Magnum Marine Xantrex Inverter Replacement Kit 3000W/12V


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The replacement kit includes a Magnum Energy Pure Sine Hybrid Inverter which provides over current and over temperature protection. The inverter comes with an aluminum base which makes it lightweight and corrosion resistant. The Magnum Energy MSH3012M is a high-end inverter which will power up large loads, it can also work for solar applications. The input battery voltage range can vary from 9 V to 17 V. 

The inverter's pure sine wave output allows you to connect any conventional 120V/60Hz appliance without any power distortion. The inverter/charger can be easily mounted on any flat surface or wall and even upside down. It is a great replacement for the old Xantrex Freedom inverters in old boats.

It does not come assembled; detailed wiring diagrams and installation manuals are provided by Magnum Energy. The Magnum Energy MSH3012M is compatible with most commercial fuel generators; use the Magnum’s ME-AGS-N Automatic Generator Start (not included) to automatically switch the generator on and off based on the batteries’ state of charge. A Magnum PT-100 charge controller (not included) can easily be mounted to the side of the enclosure in order to use solar panels to aid in the charging of the battery bank. 

The replacement kit comes with a battery monitor kit ME-BMk needed for monitoring the SOC, voltage, amps, amp-hours of the battery bank. It also includes a Magnum Energy advanced remote control which offers a fast control of the charger, inverter, and generator. Data communication cables are also included. The limited warranty of the MSH3012M hybrid inverter-charger is extended to 5 years when installed using Magnum MP panels, the standard warranty is 3 years. 

This Xantrex inverter replacement kit includes the following components (it does not come assembled):
(1) Magnum Energy MSH3012M 3000W 12V Mobile Hybrid Inverter Charger
(1) Magnum Energy ME-ARC50 Advanced Remote Control
(1) Magnum Energy ME-BMK Battery Monitor Kit

- Configured for 12V operation
- Freight delivery included
- Does not come assembled

A pre-wired and pre-assembled versions of a similar system can be found at

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Magnum Energy MSH-M series

Specs for Magnum Energy inverter charger MSH3012M 3000W 12V Mobile Hybrid

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ME-BMK Battery Monitor Kit

Specs for ME-BMK Battery Monitor Kit

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Magnum Marine Xantrex Inverter Replacement Kit 3000W/12V

Magnum Marine Xantrex Inverter Replacement Kit 3000W/12V

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