Midnite Solar Pre Wired MNXWP6848D-3CL200 Battery System


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Midnite Solar pre-wired system model: MNXWP6848D-3CL200

Nominal power: 13600W
Nominal voltage: 48V

Three charge controllers: Midnite Solar Classic 200 MPPT (mounted, black color).
The additional charge controllers will include mounting brakets.
Includes two SPD300, 2 DC breakers and wiring. 
Two Inverters: Schneider Electric Conext XW+ 6848 120/240 VAC Inverter/Charger.

Use this pre-wired and assembled off-grid system to save time and simplify your installation. They have been engineered by Midnite Solar and include all the breakers, components and circuit protection required for a safe and code compliant installation. After mounting the pre-wired system on the wall, you just need to connect the external power sources, such as the PV array, the battery backup and your loads distribution center. It comes with a main battery breaker and the correct wire sizes as indicated in the installation manual.

This pre-wired system uses three Midnite Solar Classic MPPT charge controllers combined with two Schneider Electric Conext XW+ inverters and a Schneider System Control Panel (SCP). Includes a Whizbang Jr current sense module (MNWBJR) that connects to the charge controller providing Amperage readings and accurate battery state of charge. Multiple configurations and upgrades are available for this system. This system can be used for off-grid and battery based grid-tie applications. It has two separate AC inputs.

This Midnite Solar Pre-wired system has the following characteristics and components:
    - Environmental rating - Type 1 (indoor)
    - Two Schneider Electric Conext XW+ 6848 120/240VAC Inverter/Chargers
    - Schneider System Control Panel (SCP)
    - Two MNE250XW E-Panel (made in the USA)
    - AC bypass assembly
    - Three Classic 200 MPPT charge controllers with Ground Fault and Arc Fault protection (made in the USA)
    - MNSPD300 surge protection devices - Qty 2 (made in the USA)
    - Two 250A battery main breaker for the Conext XW+ Inverter
    - 5-year warranty on all Midnite parts (Schneider provides it's own equipment warranty)
    - Listed by ETL for US & Canada
    - Installation manuals and wiring diagrams 

Midnite Solar is based in Arlington, WA. They offer a complete range of pre-wired systems covering off-grid, battery back up, UPS and AC coupled solutions. The Schneider pre-wired systems can be combined with many of the Midnite combiner boxes, battery enclosures, disconnects, surge arrestors and related battery based products. Most Midnite products are made in the USA. All of the pre-wired systems are assembled, tested and shipped from their WA facility.

With their products, Midnite provides an extensive library of manuals, photos, diagrams, videos and multiple resources to facilitate an easy and safe installation.

Schneider Electric is a European company with their headquarters based in France since 2000. They have a global outreach with more than 160,000 employees. They focus their R&D efforts to develop connected technologies and solutions that help many people utilize and manage PV energy in ways that are safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable. They recently upgraded their entire line of solar and off grid inverters, including their Conext line of equipment that covers all residential or commercial power applications. All their products are covered under a US supported warranty ranging from 2 to 5 years.

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MNXWP6848D-3CL150 Wiring diagram

Magnum MNXWP6848D-3CL150 pre-wired system wiring diagram

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List of Pre Wired Systems

Note: Price includes shipping within continental US.

Midnite Part NumberSystem VoltageNominal PowerCharge ControllerInverter / ChargerApplication TypePrice**
MNXWP5548-UPS48 V5500 WNoneXW5548UPS$5,044
MNXWP6848-UPS48 V6800 WNoneXW6848UPS$5,756
MNSW2524-UPS24 V2500 WNoneSW2524UPS$3,029
MNSW4024-UPS24 V4000 WNoneSW4024UPS$3,179
MNSW4048-UPS48 V4000 WNoneSW4048UPS$3,330
MNXWPAC554848 V5500 WNoneXW5548AC Coupled$5,317
MNXWPAC5548-CL15048 V5500 WClassic 150XW5548AC Coupled$6,085
MNXWPAC5548-CL20048 V5500 WClassic 200XW5548AC Coupled$6,100
MNXWPAC5548-CL25048 V5500 WClassic 250XW5548AC Coupled$6,247
MNXWPAC5548-RSS48 V5500 WNoneXW5548AC Coupled$5,517
MNXWPAC6848 48 V6800 WNoneXW6848AC Coupled$5,871
MNXWPAC6848-CL15048 V6800 WClassic 150XW6848AC Coupled$6,594
MNXWPAC6848-CL20048 V6800 WClassic 200XW6848AC Coupled$6,609
MNXWPAC6848-CL25048 V6800 WClassic 250XW6848AC Coupled$6,756
MNXWPAC6848-RSS48 V6800 WNoneXW6848AC Coupled$6,070
MNXWPAC5548D48 V11000 WNoneXW5548AC Coupled$10,170
MNXWPAC5548D-CL15048 V11000 WClassic 150XW5548AC Coupled$10,937
MNXWPAC5548D-CL20048 V11000 WClassic 200XW5548AC Coupled$10,952
MNXWPAC5548D-CL25048 V11000 WClassic 250XW5548AC Coupled$11,100
MNXWPAC5548D-2CL15048 V11000 WClassic 150 (x2)XW5548AC Coupled$11,660
MNXWPAC5548D-2CL20048 V11000 WClassic 200 (x2)XW5548AC Coupled$11,690
MNXWPAC5548D-2CL25048 V11000 WClassic 250 (x2)XW5548AC Coupled$11,985
MNXWPAC5548D-RSS48 V11000 WNoneXW5548AC Coupled$10,502
MNXWPAC6848D48 V13600 WNoneXW6848AC Coupled$11,273
MNXWPAC6848D-CL15048 V13600 WClassic 150XW6848AC Coupled$12,040
MNXWPAC6848D-CL20048 V13600 WClassic 200XW6848AC Coupled$12,055
MNXWPAC6848D-CL25048 V13600 WClassic 250XW6848AC Coupled$12,203
MNXWPAC6848D-2CL15048 V13600 WClassic 150 (x2)XW6848AC Coupled$12,764
MNXWPAC6848D-2CL20048 V13600 WClassic 200 (x2)XW6848AC Coupled$12,793
MNXWPAC6848D-2CL25048 V13600 WClassic 250 (x2)XW6848AC Coupled$13,088
MNXWPAC6848D-RSS48 V13600 WNoneXW6848AC Coupled$11,605
MNXWP5548-CL15048 V5500 WClassic 150XW5548Off-Grid / Grid-Tie with Battery Backup$6,059
MNXWP5548-CL20048 V5500 WClassic 200XW5548Off-Grid / Grid-Tie with Battery Backup$6,074
MNXWP5548-CL25048 V5500 WClassic 250XW5548Off-Grid / Grid-Tie with Battery Backup$6,221
MNXWP5548-2CL15048 V5500 WClassic 150 (x2)XW5548Off-Grid / Grid-Tie with Battery Backup$6,871
MNXWP5548-2CL20048 V5500 WClassic 200 (x2)XW5548Off-Grid / Grid-Tie with Battery Backup$6,900
MNXWP5548-2CL25048 V5500 WClassic 250 (x2)XW5548Off-Grid / Grid-Tie with Battery Backup$7,196
MNXWP5548-CL150-RSS48 V5500 WClassic 150XW5548Off-Grid / Grid-Tie with Battery Backup$6,258
MNXWP6848-CL15048 V6800 WClassic 150XW6848Off-Grid / Grid-Tie with Battery Backup$6,612
MNXWP6848-CL20048 V6800 WClassic 200XW6848Off-Grid / Grid-Tie with Battery Backup$6,627
MNXWP6848-CL25048 V6800 WClassic 250XW6848Off-Grid / Grid-Tie with Battery Backup$6,775
MNXWP6848-2CL15048 V6800 WClassic 150 (x2)XW6848Off-Grid / Grid-Tie with Battery Backup$7,424
MNXWP6848-2CL20048 V6800 WClassic 200 (x2)XW6848Off-Grid / Grid-Tie with Battery Backup$7,454
MNXWP6848-2CL25048 V6800 WClassic 250 (x2)XW6848Off-Grid / Grid-Tie with Battery Backup$7,749
MNXWP6848-CL150-RSS48 V6800 WClassic 150XW6848Off-Grid / Grid-Tie with Battery Backup$6,812
MNXWP5548D-CL15048 V11000 WClassic 150XW5548 (x2)Off-Grid / Grid-Tie with Battery Backup$10,911
MNXWP5548D-CL20048 V11000 WClassic 200XW5548 (x2)Off-Grid / Grid-Tie with Battery Backup$10,926
MNXWP5548D-CL25048 V11000 WClassic 250XW5548 (x2)Off-Grid / Grid-Tie with Battery Backup$11,074
MNXWP5548D-2CL15048 V11000 WClassic 150 (x2)XW5548 (x2)Off-Grid / Grid-Tie with Battery Backup$11,723
MNXWP5548D-2CL20048 V11000 WClassic 200 (x2)XW5548 (x2)Off-Grid / Grid-Tie with Battery Backup$11,753
MNXWP5548D-2CL25048 V11000 WClassic 250 (x2)XW5548 (x2)Off-Grid / Grid-Tie with Battery Backup$12,048
MNXWP5548D-3CL15048 V11000 WClassic 150 (x3)XW5548 (x2)Off-Grid / Grid-Tie with Battery Backup$12,535
MNXWP5548D-3CL20048 V11000 WClassic 200 (x3)XW5548 (x2)Off-Grid / Grid-Tie with Battery Backup$12,579
MNXWP5548D-3CL25048 V11000 WClassic 250 (x3)XW5548 (x2)Off-Grid / Grid-Tie with Battery Backup$13,022
MNXWP5548D-4CL15048 V11000 WClassic 150 (x4)XW5548 (x2)Off-Grid / Grid-Tie with Battery Backup$13,347
MNXWP5548D-4CL20048 V11000 WClassic 200 (x4)XW5548 (x2)Off-Grid / Grid-Tie with Battery Backup$13,406
MNXWP5548D-4CL25048 V11000 WClassic 250 (x4)XW5548 (x2)Off-Grid / Grid-Tie with Battery Backup$13,996
MNXWP5548D-2CL150-RSS48 V11000 WClassic 150 (x2)XW5548 (x2)Off-Grid / Grid-Tie with Battery Backup$12,122
MNXWP6848D-CL15048 V13600 WClassic 150XW6848 (x2)Off-Grid / Grid-Tie with Battery Backup$12,015
MNXWP6848D-CL20048 V13600 WClassic 200XW6848 (x2)Off-Grid / Grid-Tie with Battery Backup$12,029
MNXWP6848D-CL25048 V13600 WClassic 250XW6848 (x2)Off-Grid / Grid-Tie with Battery Backup$12,177
MNXWP6848D-2CL15048 V13600 WClassic 150 (x2)XW6848 (x2)Off-Grid / Grid-Tie with Battery Backup$12,826
MNXWP6848D-2CL20048 V13600 WClassic 200 (x2)XW6848 (x2)Off-Grid / Grid-Tie with Battery Backup$12,856
MNXWP6848D-2CL25048 V13600 WClassic 250 (x2)XW6848 (x2)Off-Grid / Grid-Tie with Battery Backup$13,151
MNXWP6848D-3CL15048 V13600 WClassic 150 (x3)XW6848 (x2)Off-Grid / Grid-Tie with Battery Backup$13,638
MNXWP6848D-3CL20048 V13600 WClassic 200 (x3)XW6848 (x2)Off-Grid / Grid-Tie with Battery Backup$13,683
MNXWP6848D-3CL25048 V13600 WClassic 250 (x3)XW6848 (x2)Off-Grid / Grid-Tie with Battery Backup$14,125
MNXWP6848D-4CL15048 V13600 WClassic 150 (x4)XW6848 (x2)Off-Grid / Grid-Tie with Battery Backup$14,450
MNXWP6848D-4CL20048 V13600 WClassic 200 (x4)XW6848 (x2)Off-Grid / Grid-Tie with Battery Backup$14,509
MNXWP6848D-4CL25048 V13600 WClassic 250 (x4)XW6848 (x2)Off-Grid / Grid-Tie with Battery Backup$15,099
MNXWP6848D-2CL150-RSS48 V13600 WClassic 150 (x2)XW6848 (x2)Off-Grid / Grid-Tie with Battery Backup$13,225
MNSW2524-KID-B24 V2500 WKID-BSW2524Off-Grid$3,291
MNSW2524-KID-B-RSS24 V2500 WKID-BSW2524Off-Grid$3,491
MNSW4024-KID-B24 V4000 WKID-BSW4024Off-Grid$3,443
MNSW4024-KID-B-RSS24 V4000 WKID-BSW4048Off-Grid$3,642
MNSW4048-KID-B48 V4000 WKID-BSW4048Off-Grid$3,594
MNSW4048-KID-B-RSS48 V4000 WKID-BSW4048Off-Grid$3,793
MNSW2524-CL15024 V2500 WClassic 150SW2524Off-Grid$3,849
MNSW2524-CL20024 V2500 WClassic 200SW2524Off-Grid$3,863
MNSW2524-CL25024 V2500 WClassic 250SW2524Off-Grid$4,011
MNSW2524-CL150-RSS24 V2500 WClassic 150SW2524Off-Grid$4,048
MNSW4024-CL15024 V4000 WClassic 150SW4024Off-Grid$4,000
MNSW4024-CL20024 V4000 WClassic 200SW4024Off-Grid$4,015
MNSW4024-CL25024 V4000 WClassic 250SW4024Off-Grid$4,162
MNSW4024-CL150-RSS24 V4000 WClassic 150SW4024Off-Grid$4,192
MNSW4048-CL15048 V4000 WClassic 150SW4048Off-Grid$4,148
MNSW4048-CL20048 V4000 WClassic 200SW4048Off-Grid$4,162
MNSW4048-CL25048 V4000 WClassic 250SW4048Off-Grid$4,310
MNSW4048-CL150-RSS48 V4000 WClassic 150SW4048Off-Grid$4,354

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Midnite Solar Pre Wired MNXWP6848D-3CL200 Battery System

Midnite Solar Pre Wired MNXWP6848D-3CL200 Battery System

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