Multi-Contact MC4 Array Output PV-Cable

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Product information

This preassembled cable has a Multi-Contact MC4 male connector in one end and a female connector in the opposite end. Use these output cables at home run of a string of modules. They can also be used as an extension when PV panels in the same string are separated by a distance greater  than the panel's lead cables. These cables are compatible with combiner boxes featuring MC4 outputs.

These cables are meant to be cut, you can cut them at any point along the wire in order to have the required length of the female and male cables. For example, if you need a 15' male cable and a 35' female cable to connect the ends of your strings you need to order a 50' cable pre string; or if the distance between the combiner box and the inverter is 35', order a 70' or 75' cable.

These cables are preassembled with black #10 AWG PV-Cable sunlight-resistant cable with double jacketed insulation and Multi-Contact MC4 connectors; they are rated for 600 Volt systems. 

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Multi-Contact MC4 Array Output PV-Cable

Multi-Contact MC4 Array Output PV-Cable

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