Wiley Electronics WEEB-LUG-6.7 Grounding Lug


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Hardware included. Minimum order requirement of 10 lugs. Volume discount available in orders over 200 lugs, please contact us with your project requirements.

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Wiley Electronics is the creator of the well known bonding washers WEEB. WEEB stands for "washer, electrical equipment bonding". WEEB products are used to bond solar modules to aluminum racking and mounting rails. The solar modules and the racking system are then grounded, grounding and interconnecting the entire assembly into one single grounding system. The use of WEEBs eliminates the need to use a lay-in lug and/or a thread-forming screw on each module. The use of WEEBs also eliminates the need to run a continuous wire to each module. Wire is only needed to connect a lay-in lug on each mounting rail to an equipment grounding terminal in the inverter or disconnect.

It has been continuously proven that WEEBs save installers time and money. WEEB products are ETL listed to UL standards. WEEB products meet the requirements of UL 467.

The WEEB-LUG-6.7 grounding lug provides a connection to the mounting system and has lay-in provision for an equipment ground conductor. The WEEB-LUG-6.7 Lug kit includes the lay-in lug, matching WEEB washer, bolt, nut, flat washer and lock washer. Two WEEB lugs and a short piece of bare wire can be used to connect across a rail splice, or a WEEB Bonding Jumper can be used.

WEEB Lug Kits are sold individually. Mounting hardware included.

Dimensions: 1.60” x 0.71” x 0.47”
Hardware (included): 1/4"

We advise speaking to your building inspector before installing WEEB products to see if they are acceptable in your area.

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Technical specifications for Wiley WEEB-LUG and washer

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Wiley Electronics WEEB-LUG-6.7 Grounding Lug

Wiley Electronics WEEB-LUG-6.7 Grounding Lug

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