Flexcharge Divert Pad Kit 12V 30A


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The FlexCharge Divert Pad is used to transfer extra energy from your charging system to heat different types of liquids. It can produce up to 360 watts of heat and is rated at 30 amps at 12 volts. The Divert Pad is an efficient way to use all the available energy from your system, either as a divert load or as a heat pad. It just needs to be hooked up to a 12V battery and then can be connected to different types of metal surfaces of tanks or boat hulls to heat the desired liquid. The liquid can be heated from any type of metal surface. And any type of  liquid can be heated, as long as it is not in direct contact with the load pad. The metal surface must be sanded and cleaned prior to connecting the Divert Pad. Once the pad is placed on the surface, apply sealant to the edges to keep moisture from seeping in.

Size is 5"x7"x1/16"

Kit includes: heat pad with adhesive back, sandpaper, squeegee and tube of sealant.

Includes 1 year warranty.

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Flexcharge Divert Pad Kit 12V 30A

Flexcharge Divert Pad Kit 12V 30A

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