Flexcharge NC12L12 Charge Controller – 12V/24V

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The NC family of Controllers from Flexcharge are designed for the PV user who requires the highest level of system dependability, lowest battery watering maintenance and longest life from deep cycle batteries for solar systems. These Flexcharge controllers are performing dependably locations with rough environments, you can be assured it will work for you.  

As with all Flexcharge charge controllers the NC controllers are designed for low standby power consumption, each controller is tested for proper operation prior to being placed into its shipping container. All NC12L12 controllers include a low voltage disconnect feature.  The standard controller version keeps the load on except when the battery is too low. This charge controller also come in a dusk-to-dawn version where the load is only on at night except when in low battery disconnect. On special orders the controllers can also flash the load at a preset flash rate for things like marine beacons etc.

The two dual color LEDs in the Flexcharge NC charge controllers smartly show when the batteries are being charged by the green section of the top LED. When the controller is regulating the top LED will be red. When the load is on the lower LED will glow green, and when the controller is in LVD by the lower LED will glow red.

Unlike a number of controllers on the market the Flexcharge NC charge controllers switch power to the positive side of the load and the battery charging connections.  This allows the user to connect all the system grounds to one location rather than running a separate wires, a feature that is required for UL approval.

One small but convenient feature included in the Flexcharge NC12L12 and not found in other controllers is the manual LVD reset circuit. This function is also used to test the load circuitry after the installation is completed, or when the LVD circuitry is active. To activate the reset circuit just pass a small magnet over the red low battery symbol. The load will also illuminate briefly indicating that the load circuitry and LVD circuit are functioning properly.

- Waterproof packaging.
- Reverse polarity protected on battery wires.
- Easy to read LED indicators clearly display the controller's status.
- High efficiency charging circuitry
- Field select for 12V or 24V operation.  Shipped ready for 12V systems, simply cut a wire jumper for 24V.
- Low voltage disconnect  (LVD) and automatic LVD reset at dawn (a Flexcharge patented feature).
- Delayed LVD to prevent disconnect during momentarily high load currents.
- Delayed dawn sensing circuit to prevent load switching during momentarily bright light levels
- Small enclosure 3"H x 3"W x 1.5"D + mounting feet.

NC12L12 Operating Characteristics at 12V
Parameter  12V Selected
Regulated Peak Charge Voltage 14.25V
Charge Reconnect Voltage 13.70V
PV Voltage at Dusk - Load ON 4V
PV Voltage at Dawn- Load OFF 6V
Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD)  10.92V
Auto LVD Reset (ON mode) 12.9V

NC12L12 Operating Characteristics at 24V
Parameter  24V Selected
Regulated Peak Charge Voltage 28.50V
Charge Reconnect Voltage 27.40V
PV Voltage at Dusk - Load ON 8V
PV Voltage at Dawn- Load OFF 12V
Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD) 21.84V
Auto LVD Reset (ON mode)  25.8V

Controller Parasitic current at 12V and 24V                          
Charging  5.0mA
Standby  2.3mA
Load ON  4.0mA
LVD   5.6mA

Input Voltage/Current Limits (12Amps Model)                  
PV Voltage  0-50V
Battery Voltage   5-50V
Charge Current  0-12A
Load Current    0-12A
Fuse Rating (Max)  15A

Download datasheet

Flexcharge NC Charge Controller

Installation and user manual for Flexcharge MC12L12 and M30L12 charge controllers.

Download datasheet

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Flexcharge NC12L12 Charge Controller – 12V/24V

Flexcharge NC12L12 Charge Controller – 12V/24V

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