S-5! Universal Clamp S-5-U Mini for Metal Roofs

S-5-U Mini

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S-5! brackets have a minimum order requirement of 20pcs. Volume discount available in orders over 100 brackets, contact us for pricing.

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The S-5-U and S-5-U Mini clamps are the most popular of the S-5! clamps and the most adaptable. They can be used with over 80% of standing seam profiles of roofs manufactured in North America. Their adaptable design, which includes multiple screw holes, make the S-5-U and S-5-U Mini easily adjustable for many different roof types. They can be used on horizontal or vertical orientations just by simply rotating the clamp to the desired surface. The clamps are compatible with most metal surfaces, with only copper as an exception (see S-5-B clamps for copper roofing).

Made of industrial grade stainless steel, the S-5! clamps utilize an intelligent, intuitive design that allows for convenience, versatility and strength. They easily attach to roof panel seams with a tightening mechanism, rather than puncturing the surface. Less harm is done to the roof and is easier to install, as well as uninstall for any future re-roofing projects.

The S-5-U Mini is a medium-duty, non-penetrating seam clamp. It is a shorter version of the popular S-5-U and has one setscrew rather than two. 

The S-5-U Mini clamps are sold with the hardware shown in the image. All included hardware is stainless steel. The installation of the S-5-U Mini clamps is as simple as placing the clamp on the seam and tightening round-point setscrews, then attach the rails for the solar array using the bolt provided.

Download datasheet

S-5-U Clamp Specs Sheet

Specifications for S-5-U clamp used for standing seam metal roofs.

Download datasheet

S-5-U Mini CAD Drawing

Detailed CAD drawing for S-5-U Mini Clamp

Download datasheet

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S-5! Universal Clamp S-5-U Mini for Metal Roofs

S-5! Universal Clamp S-5-U Mini for Metal Roofs

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