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The series of XR Rails designed and manufactured by IronRidge is offered in three different sizes. Their design features a curved profile to increase the strength of the mounting structure. There are 3 series, XR10, XR100 and XR1000, each series offers specific design loads and building spans. The right rail depends on your location (i.e. wind, snow loads) and your project layout but there is a XL rail for every PV project.

The XR1000 is the most robust rail of the three, it handles extreme weather conditions and spans 12 feet or more for commercial applications.

The XR100 is made for residential applications. It supports the most common wind and snow conditions and building requirements while optimizing the span.

The XR10 is the most economical rail. It is a low-profile rail meeting the requirements of regions with light or no snow. It spans 6 feet while maintaining a sleek look.

To calculate the rail length you need to add the solar panels widths, the mid clamps between the panels (grounding mid clamp 0.25”, UFO 0.375”), the end clamps at the end of each row (grounding end clamp 1.5”, UFO 1.0”) and a few extra inches for clearance.

Available IronRidge XR rail sizes:

Part numberDescription
XR-1000-132AXR1000, Rail 132” (11 Feet) Clear
XR-1000-168AXR1000, Rail 168” (14 Feet) Clear
XR-1000-204AXR1000, Rail 204” (17 Feet) Clear
XR-100-132AXR100, Rail 132” (11 Feet) Clear
XR-100-132BXR100, Rail 132” (11 Feet) Black
XR-100-168AXR100, Rail 168” (14 Feet) Clear
XR-100-168BXR100, Rail 168” (14 Feet) Black
XR-100-204AXR100, Rail 204” (17 Feet) Clear
XR-100-204BXR100, Rail 204” (17 Feet) Black
XR-10-132AXR10, Rail 132” (11 Feet) Clear
XR-10-132BXR10, Rail 132” (11 Feet) Black
XR-10-168AXR10, Rail 168” (14 Feet) Clear
XR-10-168BXR10, Rail 168” (14 Feet) Black
XR-10-204AXR10, Rail 204” (17 Feet) Clear
XR-10-204BXR10, Rail 204” (17 Feet) Black
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IronRidge XR10 Rail 168" (14 Feet) - Clear

IronRidge XR10 Rail 168" (14 Feet) - Clear

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