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The FlashFoot made by IronRidge has everything you need to securely and safely attach your racking and solar panels to your roof. It is specifically designed for composite shingle pitched roofs; a single FlashFoot is composed of a water proofing flashing, lag screw, L-Foot and hardware. The FlashFoot is the best guarantee that your roof penetrations will not leak water overtime. It is available in mill or black finish. Each box includes 1 FlashFoot kit. 

The FlashFoot2 helps distribute the load for additional structural integrity. It offers superior water protection for composition shingle roofs with a pitch of 9 to 45 degrees. Each kit comes with a cap-foot that screws on to the flashing. Each kit comes with cap-foot, 9" x 12" flashing, 5/16" x 4.75" SS lag bolt and EPDM washer.

FlashFoot2 features:
- Mill finish
- 9" X 12" flashing
- Bonded
- UL Certified
- 20 Year Warranty

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IronRidge FlashFoot2

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IronRidge FlashFoot Kit Mill Finish

IronRidge FlashFoot Kit Mill Finish

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