DPW Top-of-Pole Mount for 6 Type-G Modules


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DPW mounts ship from the factory, there is a 2-4 week lead time.

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The series Top-of-Pole Mounting from DPW is made of stainless steel hardware which is specifically designed to provide a strong and easy installation. They reduce space on the ground without compromising the strength of the structure, by supporting the PV modules with just one single pole as the foundation. The mount system can support up to 6 modules.

For design purposes DPW groups solar modules based on their size; Type-G modules have the following dimensions:
Width: 37” to 42"
Length: 61” to 67"

DPW Top-of-Pole mount TPM6-G system is specifically designed to support 6 Type-G photovoltaic modules with the following configuration:
3 modules high
2 modules wide
Landscape orientation

The racking system from every model of the series has been created for specific design modules and it is not used as a universal rack. The advantage of using specific design modules is that it simplifies and minimizes assembly errors, and fewer components are needed. This can speed up the installation process since no drilling is required. Another advantage is that no measuring is required, which saves more time during the installation.

The TPM is also flexible and its tilt angle can be adjusted to six different angles to maximize the energy yield of the solar system throughout the entire year. The angle tilt adjustment is easy enough to be done by a single person. 

The seasonal changes of tilt vary from 15 degrees to 65 degrees, with 10 degree increments between them.

Some important features that stand out from the TPM include: the standard mounts are designed to withstand 90 MPH wind zones, it has two coats of industrial urethane enamel paint, stainless steel module mounting, and industrial strength hardware.

There are some upgrades that can be made to the product depending on the project needs. It can be upgraded to a high wind version standing up to 130 MPH in wind zones. Module rails can also be anodized, galvanized, or composed of stainless steel. And it can come with a tamper-resistance module mounting hardware package.

*All DPW racking systems ship directly from the manufacturer per order and have a 2-4 week lead time once the order is placed.

*Design drawings are required at time order is placed. We will reach out with detailed instructions.

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DPW Top-of-Pole Mount

Specs for DPW Top-of-Pole Mount with a stainless steel hardware package

Download datasheet

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DPW Top-of-Pole Mount for 6 Type-G Modules

DPW Top-of-Pole Mount for 6 Type-G Modules

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