IronRidge TM-FTL-010 Fixed Tilt Leg Kit 10" - Clear


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The fixed tilt leg kit from IronRidge includes a north (back) leg and a south (front) leg. It also comes with hardware and the necessary accessories to secure them to the XR rails. The legs will allow you to have your solar panels facing the sun in the desired tilt angle. They are designed specifically  for low-slope and flat roofs, the fixed tilt legs are fast to assembly and guarantee a strong structure.

IronRidge offers the fixed tilt leg kits in six different lengths, with each length the tilt angle of the solar panels will change. The south leg comes in the same size, what varies is the length of the north leg.  

The south leg comes with an angle indicator facilitating the adjustment of the array’s tilt. The angle indicator marks four different angles, which are: 0, 10, 20 or 30 degrees.

All the hardware is bonded, once the legs are secured to the XR rails on one end and the roof attachments on the opposite end, the entire structure is electrically bonded.

Available IronRidge fixed tilt legs sizes:

Part NumberDescriptionNorth Tilt Leg Length
TM-FTL-010Fixed Tilt Leg Kit 10"10 in
TM-FTL-015Fixed Tilt Leg Kit 15"15 in
TM-FTL-020Fixed Tilt Leg Kit 20"20 in
TM-FTL-025Fixed Tilt Leg Kit 25"25 in
TM-FTL-030Fixed Tilt Leg Kit 30"30 in
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IronRidge Fixed Tilt Leg Kit

Specs for IronRidge Fixed Tilt Leg Kit

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IronRidge TM-FTL-010 Fixed Tilt Leg Kit 10" - Clear

IronRidge TM-FTL-010 Fixed Tilt Leg Kit 10" - Clear

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