IronRidge GM-BRC-003 SGA Bonded Rail Connector - 3" Pipe


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The IronRidge bonded rail connector is an essential part used in ground-mounted installations to connect the horizontal cross steel pipes with the XR rails. The rail attaching bracket is made of cast aluminum, while the rest of the components are made of steel with a hot-dip galvanized finish which strengthens and increases the life time of this structure component.

The SGA Bonded Rail Connector comes in two different sizes depending on the diameter of the steel pipe used to build the structure: 2 and 3 inches. The rail attaching bracket is secured to the XR rail with flange nuts, flat washers and lock washers while the U-bolt grips the horizontal steel pipe. The U-bolt is included and will come in the size of the pipe’s diameter as well, either 2" or 3".

The pipes are not included; it is always advised to purchase them locally. The Bonded Rail Connectors come with hardware and other accessories needed for a proper installation.

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IronRidge Bonded Rail Connector

Specs for IronRidge GM-BRC-002 SGA Bonded Rail Connector

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IronRidge GM-BRC-003 SGA Bonded Rail Connector - 3" Pipe

IronRidge GM-BRC-003 SGA Bonded Rail Connector - 3" Pipe

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