IronRidge 70-0305-CBR SGA 3" Brace Assembly Kit 9'


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The IronRidge SGA brace assembly kit for 3" pipe and 9' cross-bridge is an optional kit used for ground-mounted installations to provide extra support to the structure, it is attached diagonally to the top section of the rear vertical pipe and to the bottom section of the south pipe.

It comes with all the necessary hardware to install the kit, which includes:

1Brace, Tube CBR SQ
2Sleeve, Pipe Brace
4Nut, Jam 1/2-13 Steel HDG
4Screw, Set 1/2-13 X 1.50 CUP PNT
2Bolt, 1/2-13 HEX GALV
4Washer, Flat 1/2 GALV
2Washer, Lock Spring 1/2 GALV
2Nut, HEX 1/2-13 GALV

The brace tube CBR SQ is made of aluminum with a mill finish, while the rest of the brace assembly kit is made of steel with a hot-dip galvanized finish to increase durability when exposed to the elements.

The brace assembly kit comes in four different sizes. The sizes depend on the diameter of the steel pipe used to build the structure, which could be 2" or 3". It also depends on the distance between the north pier and south pier, which results in the the length of the brace tube CBR SQ which could be either 7.5' or 9'. The following table shows the four sizes available:

Part NumberKit DescriptionBrace Tube LengthBrace Tube Width
70-0200-CBRSGA 2" (7.5') Brace Assembly88.5"2.0"
70-0300-CBRSGA 3" (7.5') Brace Assembly87.0"2.5"
70-0205-CBRSGA 2" (9') Brace Assembly, 5-panel106.5"2.0"
70-0305-CBRSGA 3" (9') Brace Assembly, 5-panel105.0"2.5"
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IronRidge Brace Assembly Kit

Specs for IronRidge Brace Assembly Kit SGA 2" (7.5')

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IronRidge 70-0305-CBR SGA 3" Brace Assembly Kit 9'

IronRidge 70-0305-CBR SGA 3" Brace Assembly Kit 9'

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