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The universal tile hook from SnapNrack is strong and low profile specifically designed for flat, S and W shaped tile roofs. Its base is made out of aluminum while its hook arm is made of 304 stainless steel. One of the features of the universal tile hook has is that it has a quick "drop-in" design which allows to just insert and secure the arm with a single bolt. The tile hooks are fully compatible with SnapNrack rails.

SnapNrack 100 Roof Mount System Features

SnapNrack products from the 100 Roof Mount System series offer an aesthetically pleasing layout to the completed installation. For example, wires can be carried through the rails to keep the installation clean and neat. They have developed all the necessary accessories, which adapt to any kind of rooftop installation, to achieve a better looking finished product.

The integrated grounding allows to bond an entire row of modules with only one ground lug, which fastens the grounding cable. This lug can be snapped into the rail without drilling of holes. It is required to use one grounding lug per every individual row of modules. When multiple rails are needed to complete long row of panels, rails can be connected by plugging in one to another without additional tools or equipment.

Products are made of aluminum series 6000, stainless steel or galvanized steel. Some products include an anodized finish, as clear (silver) or black, to match the entire structure. They can support wind loads from 110mph to 190mph and snow loads up to 120psf. All products can be mounted on flat roofs and pitched roofs with up to 60 degrees tilt.

100 Roof Mount System series have a limited warranty period of 20 years if the product is made of aluminum, 5 years if they have an anodized finish and 10 years for all other products.

SnapNrack products are certified under the UL Standard 2703, meaning there is a continuous electrical connection through all the metal components of the mounting structure. The entire structure is bonded and electrically grounded without any additional grounding hardware. Additionally, products from the 100 Roof Mount System series have been certified as Class A Fire Rated. This is the same certification as solar modules Type 1 and Type 2.

SnapNrack Overview
SnapNrack products have been designed with the objective of facilitating and speeding up the process of mounting solar panels. Their products are classified into different series: 100 Mount Roof System, RL Roof Mount Systems, and 200 Ground Mount System. Each series is further differentiated into different group applications according to the type of installation required.

The products in the 100 Roof Mount System series include all the necessary hardware for a roof mounting installation. In this series, most of the products are compatible with any kind of roof material, including corrugated steel roof, flat steel roof, flat concrete roofs and shingles among others.

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SnapNRack Universal Tile Hook

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SnapNrack 242-02044 Universal Tile Hook

SnapNrack 242-02044 Universal Tile Hook

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