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The Quick Mount PV composition shingle flashing is made of aluminum and includes all stainless steel hardware. It is 18"x18", large enough to protect against water intrusion in wood shake roofs. It works with all standard racking systems commonly used, installs seamlessly and provides a low profile mount.

Designed to be adaptable, Quick Mount PV's 18 x18-inch flashing installs on East Coast style shake roofs (7.5-inch exposure over skip sheeting) and West Coast (10-inch exposure over solid sheeting) alike. The flashing slides quickly into place with no need to modify the shake to force a fit. Just a simple, watertight seal every time.

Quick Mount PV's shake roof mounts are constructed of corrosion resistant material, including .050 aluminum flashing and stainless steel hardware, which last at least three times longer than galvanized parts. Our Shake Mounts bolt to any racking system with an L-foot interface, and integrate directly with Prosolar and Unistrut systems, as well.

The Quick Mount PV Composition Roof Mount is the logical choice not only for solar PV installation, but also for rooftop solar hot water systems. In fact, whatever you need to fasten to a composition roof – HVAC equipment, antennas, satellite dishes – use Quick Mount PV to secure and protect every roof installation you put your name on.

Features of the Quick Mount PV QMLC:
- One bolt installation
- ICC-ES certified
- No roof cutting
- 100% IBC, UBC compliant
- Meets or exceeds all NRCA standards and practices
- All aluminum flashing and mount
- Stainless steel hardware
- 50 year life
- Works with all leading racks

Available Finishes
- Aluminum mill
- Clear anodized
- Bronze anodized

Each mount kit includes:
- Cast aluminum mounting block (2-1/4" L x 1-1/4" W x 1-1/4" H) bonded with .05" thick, 18" x 18" aluminum flashing
- Hanger bolt, 5/16" x 6"(1-1/4" machine, 1-3/4" shank, 3" lag)
- Stainless steel and EPDM rubber sealing washer, 3/4" x 5/16"
- Two 5/16" hex nuts
- EPDM sealing washer with 60 Durometer hardness
- Stainless steel flat washer, 1" x 5/16"

Made in the USA and Canada. Compatible with the following solar racking systems:

Conergy SunTop
DPW Power Rail
JAC Products
Zep Solar

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Quick Mount PV QMLC

Installation manual of the Quick Mount PV QMLC solar mount for wood shake roofs

Download datasheet

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Quick Mount PV QMLC Classic Shake

Quick Mount PV QMLC Classic Shake

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