Tyco Safety Label: WARNING - Electric Shock Hazard


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Tyco Electronics introduced label solutions for Solar Photovoltaic Installations that are compliant with the National Electric Code (NEC) specifications. Labels are manufactured using ultraviolet (UV) resistant ink, permanent acrylic adhesive and base material designed to withstand environmental elements. A laminate is added to provide additional protection against prolonged UV exposure.

Tyco safety labels are ideal for DC Switches, Combiner Boxes, Diconnects, etc. Following are the ratings and specifications of the material used.

Temperature ratings: -51 ̊C to 93.3 ̊C (-60 ̊F to 200 ̊F)

ASTM D 3652 : Physical Construction ASTM D 3330 : Adhesion
ASTM D 2979 : Adhesion
ASTM D 1000 : Flammability
ASTM D 3759 : Tensile Strength and Elongation MIL-STD 202G : Method 215
ASTM D 3424 : Method 4, UV Light exposure ASTM G85 : Annex 5, Salt Spray - Prohesion ASTM 81531 : Print Adherence
UL PGDQ2 MH17001 UL PGJI2 MH17292

All Tyco labels are manufactured with High performance vinyl base material, UV resistent ink and UV resistant clear lamination.

Label: WARNING - Electric Shock Hazard
Tyco part number: SOL-EHS-104019-4
Dimensions: 0.75" H x 4.12” W (19mm x 104.6mm)

WARNING - Electric Shock Hazard
No user serviceable parts inside
Contact authorized servicer for assistance

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Tyco Safety Labels

Specs and dimensions of the Tyco Solar Labels

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Tyco Safety Label: WARNING - Electric Shock Hazard

Tyco Safety Label: WARNING - Electric Shock Hazard

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