The Right Mounting Bracket for Solarland Solar Panels

Finding the proper hardware to mount your solar panel can be a confusing task, especially considering how many different styles and types of brackets are available.

To help you select the right Solarland mounting bracket for your purposes, we’ve assembled a guide for the surface, pole, fence, and wall mounts we carry.

The compatibility table below includes universal single panel pole and wall mounts, including Z bracket kits, tilt mount kits, clamp style kits, kits for single arm and double arm poles, and U-bolts.

The Solarland SLB mounts we list below are made for a single panel. They come with stainless steel and corrosion-resistant hardware.

We made this guide to help you select the proper mounting brackets for your Solarland SLP solar panel. Keep in mind that they are universal and compatible with other panel brands.

Solarland Mounting Bracket Compatibility Table

Type:Universal flushTiltSingle armDouble armDouble armClamp styleTilt
Mounts on:Z bracketsWall & RoofWall & Side of poleWall & Side of poleWall & Side of poleWall & Side of poleWall & Roof
Panel Size       
3W     Yes 
5W     Yes 
10WYes Yes   Yes
20WYes Yes   Yes
30WYes Yes    
45WYes  YesYes  
55WYesYes YesYes  
70WYesYes YesYes  
85WYesYes  Yes  
90WYesYes Yes (12M)Yes  
100WYesYes  Yes  
110WYesYes  Yes  
120WYesYes  Yes  
140WYesYes  Yes  
150W    Yes  
160W    Yes  
Solarland SLB-0123 Double Arm Adjustable Mount
Solarland SLB-0123 Double Arm Adjustable Mount