Tiny House Solar System Selection Simplified with Boxed Solar

Webo Solar is committed to supporting renewable energy projects of all sizes. We have helped people power their homes, RV’s, boats, backpacking trips, backyards, offices, and commercial projects. One realm of renewable energy that we are excited to begin supporting is the Tiny House movement. We want to aid the hands-on investment of off-grid, sustainable living.

Tiny Houses not only allow individuals and families to live off the grid, they also offer people a fulfilling lifestyle of simplicity and minimalism. The relevance of personal waste, water and power usage become heightened, and new, creative solutions to sustainability begin to surface.

Webo Solar wants to help power these developing Tiny Houses with obtainable off-grid solar solutions. Through our new website we have simplified the selection and decision process by offering complete solar off grid systems. When you visit boxedsolar.com you will notice that there are two main categories for off-grid systems:

– Small 12V and 24V systems ranging from 150V to 600V
– Medium and large systems ranging from 1000W to 4000W

The small system will allow for the use of DC light bulbs and will also support a small-mid sized DC powered fridge/freezer (see ENGEL MT80F-U1 unit below). It is possible to use a small portable inverter to charge electronic devices like laptops, phones, iPods, radios or even power a small fan.

ENGEL MT80F-U1 Fridge and Freezer
ENGEL MT80F-U1 Fridge and Freezer (front and back)

The medium and large system are ideal for tiny homes that are configured for a more permanent setting. They can provide up to 4000W of solar power to operate regular appliances like music players, televisions, computers, microwave ovens, etc. with the use of an optional pure sine wave inverter (see Magnum inverter/charger below).

Magnum Energy Inverter/Charger
Magnum Energy Inverter/Charger

The kits include everything you will need from solar modules to the charge controller and cables. The larger systems also include batteries and give you the option to select a pure sine wave inverter and accessories. The only thing not included in the kits is the racking, which is very specific to each individual project, and we can help with each unique design.

Visit Boxed Solar in the following link: https://boxedsolar.com/